Patliputra University Syllabus-Download PDF Of UG/PG/Vocational Courses

Patliputra University Syllabus:- The Patliputra University Has Published The PG/ UG/ Vocational Courses Syllabus. The Interested Candidate Can Download PDF Below. The Candidate Can Download Syllabus Of B.A, B. Com. Part-I, B.Sc. PART-I, II, III, B.A. (Hons), B.A. (Pass), B.Sc. (Hons), B.Com (Hons), U. G. Vocational, M.A., M.Sc, M.Com, B. Lib, M. Lib Etc.

UG Syllabus Of Patliputra University

S.NoSyllabus ( Social Science )Download
1.B.A. PART-I, II, III ECONOMICS (Hons/Subs/Gen)Click Here
2.B.A. PART-I, II, III  GEOGRAPHY (Hons/Subs/Gen)Click Here
3.B.A. PART-I, II, III HISTORY (Hons/Subs/Gen)Click Here
4.B.A. PART-I, II, III POLITICAL SCIENCE (Hons/Subs/Gen)Click Here
5.B.A. PART-I, II, III PSYCHOLOGY (Hons/Subs/Gen)Click Here
6.B.A. PART-I, II, III SOCIOLOGY (Hons/Subs/Gen)Click Here
7.B.A. PART-I, II, III  AI & AS (Hons/Subs/Gen)Click Here
S.NoSyllabus ( Humanities)Download
1.B.A. SANSKRIT – I, II, III (Hons/Subs/Gen)Click Here
2.B.A. PALI – I, II, III (Hons/Subs/Gen)Click Here
3.B.A. URDU – I, II, III (Hons/Subs/Gen)Click Here
4.B.A. PHILOSOPHY – I, II, III (Hons/Subs/Gen)Click Here
5.B.A. MAITHILI – I, II, III (Hons/Subs/Gen)Click Here
6.B.A. ENGLISH – I, II, III (Hons/Subs/Gen)Click Here
7.B.A. HINDI – I, II, III (Hons/Subs/Gen)Click Here
S.NoSyllabus ( Commerce)Download
1.B. Com. Part-I (Gen) Paper-1Click Here
2.B. Com. Part-I (Gen) Paper-2Click Here
3.B. Com. Part-I (Gen) Paper-3Click Here
4.B. Com. Part-I (Hons) Business Environment GroupClick Here
5.B. Com. Part-I (Hons) Accounts Group Paper-1Click Here
6.B. Com. Part-I (Hons) Accounts Group Paper-2Click Here
7.B. Com. Part-I (Hons) Business Organization Paper-1Click Here
8.B. Com. Part-I (Hons) Principles of Economics Paper-2Click Here
9.B. Com. Part-I (Hons) Corporate Administration Group Paper-1Click Here
10.B. Com. Part-I (Hons) Corporate Administration Group Paper-2Click Here
11.B. Com. Part-I (Hons) Paper-1Click Here
12.B. Com. Part-I (Hons) Paper-2Click Here
13.B. Com. Part – II (Hons/Subs/Gen)Click Here
14.B. Com. Part – III (Hons/Subs/Gen)Click Here
15.B. Com. Part – II (Hons) Corporate Administration GroupClick Here
16.B. Com. Part – III (Hons) Corporate Administration GroupClick Here
17.B. Com. Part-I, II, III  (Hons) Business Environment GroupClick Here
S.NoSyllabus ( Science )Download
1.B.Sc. PART-I, II, III BOTANY (Hons)Click Here
2.B.Sc. PART-I, II,III CHEMISTRY (Hons)Click Here
3.B.Sc. PART-I, II, III MATHEMATICS (Hons)Click Here
4.B.Sc. PART-I, II, III PHYSICS (Hons)Click Here
5.B.Sc. PART-I, II, III ZOOLOGY (Hons)Click Here
6.B.Sc. ElectronicsNew Syllabus Coming Soon.


PG Syllabus:-Click Here

Vocational Courses Syllabus:

S.NoSyllabus ( Science )Download
1.B B M SYLLABUSClick Here
2.B. Sc. IT SYLLABUSClick Here
3.B.C.A Syllabus 2018Click Here

How To Download Syllabus From Officially Website:

  1. Visit Officially Website
  2. Go To “Academics” Tab On Homepage.
  3. Click On “Course Structure & Curricula”.
  4. Then Click “UG/PG/Vocational Syllabus”.
  5. “Download Syllabus”.

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