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Mumbai University Question Papers:- The Mumbai University has publish latest Question Papers of Nov-Dec-2019 and Jan 2020 For Arts , Commerce, Economics, Education, English Literature, Geography, Hindi, History, Marathi Literature, Political Science, Psychology, Rural Development, Sociology, M.A. Part-I, MA-Part-II etc .

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Mumbai University Question Papers Nov-Dec-2019 and Jan 2020
Old question papers  ( Arts )
Old question papers  ( Commerce)
Commerce Paper IV – Introduction to ManagementCommerce Paper V – Human ResourceManagement
Commerce Paper VI – Export ManagementCommerce  Paper IV-Introduction toManagement
Commerce Paper V – Human ResourceManagementCommerce Paper VI – Export Management
Old question papers  ( Economics )
Economics  Paper IV – Advanced Economic Theory.Economics  Paper V – Growth and Development.
Economics  Paper VI – Indian Financial System.Economics  Paper IV – Advanced Economic Theory.
Economics  Paper V – Growth and Development.Economics  Paper VI – Indian Financial System.
Paper VII – Research Methodology.Paper VIII- International Economics Theory and Policy
Economics  Paper IX – Export Management
Old question papers  ( Education )
Education  Paper V – Communication Modes in EducationEducation  Paper VI – Educational Evaluation.
Education  Paper IV – Indian Education System Structure and ProblemEducation  Paper V – Communication Modes in Education.
Education  Paper VI – Educational Evaluation.
Old question papers  ( English Literature )
English  Paper IV – British Literature 1550-1750.English Paper V- English Language and Literary Criticism.
English  Paper VI – Theory and Practice of Translation.English  Paper IV – British Literature 1550-1750.
English Paper V- English Language and Literary Criticism.English  Paper VI – Theory and Practice of Translation.
English  Paper VII – Literature in English (1750-1900English  Paper VIII – 20th Century Literature in English.
English  Paper IX – American Literature (1900-1990
Old question papers  ( Geography )
Geography Geography of Settlement (R-2018)Geography Geography of Environment & Tourism (R-2018)
Geography Geography of Settlement (R-2018)Geography Geography of Environment & Tourism (R-2018)
Geography of Agriculture & Disaster Management (R-2018)Population & Economic Geography (R-2018)
Old question papers  ( Hindi )
Hindi  Paper IV – History of Hindi Literature.Hindi  Paper V – Post Independent Hindi Literature.(Rev)
Hindi  Paper VI – Functional Hindi.Hindi  Paper IV – History of Hindi Literature.
Hindi  Paper V – Post Independent Hindi Literature.(Rev)Hindi  Paper VI – Functional Hindi.
( History)
History  Paper IV  Medieval India (1000 A.D. to 1707 A. D.)History  Paper V – Modern India (1857-1984)
History  Paper VI – Archaeology, Museology and Library ScienceHistory  Paper IV  Medieval India (1000 A.D. to 1707 A. D.)
History  Paper V – Modern India (1857-1984)History  Paper VI – Archaeology, Museology and Library Science
History  Paper VII – History of Marathas.History  Paper VIII – Contemporary World (1945-2000 A.D.)
History  Paper IX – Elements of Research Methodology
( Marathi Literature )
Marathi  Paper IV. Marathi  Paper V
Marathi  Paper VI (Rev)Marathi  Paper IV.
Marathi  Paper VMarathi  Paper VI (Rev
Marathi  Paper VIIMarathi  Paper VIII
Marathi  Paper IX
( Political Science )
Politics  Paper IV – Political Process inMaharashtra.Politics  Paper V – Political Thought.
Politics  Paper VI – Major Issues inContemporary Politics.Politics  Paper IV – Political Process inMaharashtra.
Politics  Paper V – Political Thought.Politics  Paper VI – Major Issues inContemporary Politics.
( Psychology )
Psychology  Paper IV – Psychological Testing and Statistics.Psychology  Paper V – Abnormal Psychology
Psychology  Paper VI – Industrial and Organisational Psychology.Psychology  Paper IV – Psychological Testing and Statistics.
Psychology  Paper V – Abnormal PsychologyPsychology  Paper VI – Industrial and Organisational Psychology.
( Rural Development )
Rural Development  Paper IV – Agriculture and its Significance in Rural Development.Rural Development Paper V- Rural Marketing & Finance.
Rural Development  Paper VI – Applied Agriculture.Rural Development  Paper IV – Agriculture and its Significance in Rural Development.
Rural Development Paper V- Rural Marketing & Finance.Rural Development  Paper VI – Applied Agriculture.
Rural Development  Paper VII – Rural Resource Management.Rural Development Paper VIII- Emergin Issues in Rural Development (REV.
Rural Development  Paper IX – Social Work for Rural Development.
( Sociology )
Sociology  Paper IV – Social Theory.Sociology  Paper V – Sociology of Work
Sociology  Paper VI – Gender & Society.Sociology  Paper IV – Social Theory.
Sociology  Paper V – Sociology of Work.Sociology  Paper VI – Gender & Society.
Sociology  Paper VII  – Sociology of Human Resource Development.Sociology  Paper VIII – Urban Sociology.
Sociology  Paper IX -Research Methodology(Applied Component).


The Interested candidate can download mumbai university question papers of M.A. Part-I, MA-Part-II, Commerce , TY Bcom Paper, M.Com.-Part-I, M.Com.-Part-II, Science , M.Sc.CS-Part-I & II, M.Sc.(Mathematics) Part-I & II, Technology etc. below:-

M.A. Part-IMA-Part-II
Political SciencePolitical Science
{ Commerce  }
TY Bcom Paper
Business Economics – (Paper – III) Commerce – (Paper- III) – Marketing and Human Resource Management .
Financial Accounting & Auditing – (Paper – III) – Financial Accounting.(IDOL) (R-2016)Financial Accounting & Auditing – (Paper – IV) – Cost Accounting- Introduction and Basic Concepts(IDOL) (R-2016
Financial Accounting & Auditing – (Paper – V) – Related Applied Component – Introduction to Management Accounting & Auditing.(IDOL) (R-2016)Business Management – (Paper – III) – Management & Organisation Development.
Business Management – (Paper – IV) – Financial Management.Business Management – (Paper – V) – Marketing Management
Direct and Indirect Taxes (OLD)Direct and Indirect Taxes (REV.) (2019)
Export Marketing .Marketing Research.
Psychology of  Human Behaviour at work
Strategic Management. (IDOL) (R-2015)Research Methodology.
Economics of Global Trade & Finance.Accountancy  Paper III – Advanced Financial Management.
Accountancy  Paper I – Advanced Financial Accounting.Accountancy  Paper IV – Advanced Auditing.
Accountancy  Paper II – Advanced Cost Accounting.Accountancy  Paper V- Direct and Indirect Tax.(Rev)
Business Management  Paper I -Human Resource Management (IDOL) (R-2015)Accountancy  Paper  V- Direct and Indirect Tax.(OLD)
Business Management  Paper II -Marketing Strategies and plans (IDOL) (R-2015)Business Management  Paper III – Organisational Behaviour.
Business Management  Paper IV – International Marketing.
Business Management  Paper V – Enterpreneurship Management.
{ Science }
F.Y.B.Sc. (ComputerScience)S.Y.B.Sc. (ComputerScience)
T.Y.B.Sc. (Computer Science)M.Sc.CS-Part-I
M.Sc.(Mathematics) Part-I
M.Sc.(Mathematics) Part-II
{ Science }
F.Y.B.Sc. (I.T.) Sem-IIS.Y.B.Sc. (I.T.) Sem-IV
T.Y.B.Sc (IT) [SEM-V]  Jan-2020T.Y.B.Sc (IT) SEM-VI  Jan-2020
T.Y.B.Sc (IT) SEM-VI  Jan-2020
M.Sc.IT Part-I
M.Sc.IT Part-II

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